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School Register Alteration

※ HY-in School register alteration procedure

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With the expiration of the temporary leave of absence period, students must follow re-instatement procedures on the re-instatement date.
If a re-instatement is not made in time, the student will undergo expulsion from expiration of temporary leave.
  • Application : HY-in
  • Application period: Every semester, a month before a semester starts
  • Document to be submitted: None
Temporary leave of absence
Temporary leave of absence
Section / Classification leave of absence :
personal affairs
leave of absence :
Special leave of absence
Definition Due to personal affairs Due to sickness

Leave of absence for pregnancy (childbirth), childcare for children under 8 years old (only female students)

Leave of absence for overseas business (transfer, dispatch)

2 times (Family issues and sickness leave added together)

※ Master-Doctorate degree integrated course student: 3 times

Pregnancy (childbirth), parental leave cannot exceed 2 years in total (up to 2 semesters per leave of absence).
Maternity leave is only available to the person who is in the course of pregnancy or preparing for childbirth.

Period for overseas business (transfer, dispatch)

Time allowed a time Up to 2 semesters Up to 2 semesters
HY-in Submit attached documents after applying through HY-in

※ The application is canceled when the necessary documents are not submitted to the office.


Registered Students: Month before semester start

Freshmen: After semester start

Throughout the year
Documents None A general hospital medical certificate for more than 4 weeks Pregnancy documentation, birth certificate, family relationship certificate (for parental leave), documents issued by company, etc.

Submit all documents to the department’s administrative team.
  • Where to submit: Affiliated University Administration Team
  • Students who are discharged early from military service and/or on the expiration for their term of service must return to the school within one year.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to apply for a leave of absence after enrollment to receive a scholarship in the semester they are returning.
  • The leave of absence is not extended automatically. If the leave of absence is over, and the student wishes to the extend it, the applicant must apply for reinstatement, and, then, apply for a leave of absence the next day. If you have used two leave of absences, you will not be able to renew.
  • Course registration after the cancellation of a leave of absence. If a student who registered for a course and applied for a leave of absence but cancelled that leave of absence, that student must register for the course again.
  • Students eligible for graduate can apply for a leave of absence while paying their research tuition within the designated number of times.
  • Regardless of the possibility of applying for a leave of absence, the tuition fees for the semester that a student has paid for will be applied in accordance with the rules stated in Article 53 (Tuition) ② of Hanyang University.
Students that fall into any of the categories below are subject to expulsion.
  • Not returning to studies in time of re-instatement for no reasonable excuse (Temporary leave of absence expiration expulsion)
  • Not registering on time every semester (Unregistered expulsion)
  • Voluntary leave (Voluntary leave expulsion)
  • Matching article 9 of the Student reward and punishment regulations. (Punishment expulsion)
Drop out

Drop out must receive consent from the parents and guardian. The filled out form with the consent must further receive the acceptance of the president.

Section / Classification Existence of refundable payment Non-refundable payment
Application method HY-in application and additional documents submission
Application period Throughout the year

Drop out application form

- Application print-out at HY-in
- Guardian & student's signature or seal needed

a copy of the Tuition payment confirmation paper

- Print out at HY-in

explanatory statement for drop out

- For format: the Graduate School webpage data board
- the Department head professor seal or signature needed

a copy of the Tuition fee refund statement

- For format: the Graduate School webpage data board

Bankbook copy

- student's name

Drop out application form

- application print-out at HY-in
- Guardian & student's signature or seal needed

explanatory statement for drop out

- For format: the Graduate School webpage data board
- The department head seal or signature needed
  • Submit : the department’s administrative team
  • Tuition refund standard for Drop out
  • The admissions fee is non-refundable
  • After the start of the semester, the period with the most classes is the basis for a tuition refund.
  • - Before The first day of the start of the semester: 100% refund
    - The first day of the semester ~30 days before: 5/6 refund
    - 30 days after~60 days before: 2/3 refund
    - 60 days after~90 days before: 1/2 refund
    - 90 days after: Non-refundable
  • If student is paying in installments, that student can apply for withdrawal after paying the remaining tuition.

Considerations for re-admission

Expelled students re-admission

  • Expelled students of the Graduate School of Hanyang University (no registration, temporary leave expiration, Drop out) who studied for at least one semester.
  • Applicable within the graduation limit period, and after re-admission, student must be able to register all 4 semesters which are required for graduation.(The time-limit for earning a degree: The time limit for completing a masters degree is 7 years from the date of admission to the school and 9 years from the date of admission for a doctoral or masters/doctorate combined degree)
  • Re-admission, up to two times. For punishment expulsion however, only once.

Course completed students(except for thesis) re-admission

  • Students who completed the course of the Graduate School of Hanyang University but haven't written the thesis.
  • Re-admitted just once.

Admission limit

Remaining positions in the entrant limit per year.

Re-admission application period

Every January, July


Through HY-in and accompanying documents to be submitted to the administrative office.


  • Re-admission application form (Print-out version from HY-in)
  • Re-admission application form (Handwritten version)
  • - Format from the Graduate School data board
    - Department head professor seal
  • Academic report certificate: 1 copy

Confirmation of credits

Acceptance of all credits before expulsion.
Master-Doctorate integrated course transfer
Application requirement
  • Students of master course who have completed 2nd or 3rd term and have acquired fixed amount of credits(for those who completed term 2/term 3 : more than 15 credits/ more than 24 credits). Bachelor-Master degree program students are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicable for only the same department
  • Full-time student
  • Overall average mark of the master course : 3.75 or higher
Admission limit
Remaining doctoral course positions in the entrant limit per year.
Application period
Every mid January, mid July
Required documents
  • Application form(Print out after applying through HY-in) 1 copy
  • - Should be signed or sealed by applicant, advisory professor, department head professor
  • Undergraduate transcript(original copy) 1 copy
  • Graduate transcript(original copy) 1 copy
  • Study plan 1 copy
  • Letter of recommendation 1 copy (Written by a professor of the applicant's university)
  • Written pledge 1 copy
  • Other materials that can prove the applicant's academic accomplishments - Only for those who apply
  • - Submit with the list of results
  • Official English examination score report - Only for those who apply
  • - Only TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, G-TELP, IELTS results within 2 years of the submission date
Admission test
Document screening
Noted information for Master-Doctorate integrated course transfer
  • Students who have already passed the foreign language examination before the transfer will be exempt from the foreign language examination for a doctoral dissertation application.
  • If transferred, no entrance fee is required for doctorate course.
Graduate School Team
Master-Doctorate integrated course retraction
Application requirement
Students enrolled in a Master-Doctorate integrated course

※ Those who took a leave of absence after the completion of four or more semesters: student can retract from the integration process after completing one semester.

Application period
Every mid January, mid July
How to apply
Apply through HY-in and submit the required documents to the Graduate School Management Support Team.
Required documents
  • Master-Doctorate integrated course retraction application form 1copy
  • Official transcript 1 copy
  • Confirmation Form of Scholarship Granted 1 copy

※ If a student retracts from the integrated course, the student will become the same as a master degree course student. In other words, after completing four semesters and acquiring a total graduation credit (26 credits), the student can be considered as having completed their master’s degree. The student must fulfill all the requirements, passing the foreign language examination, the comprehensive examination and thesis, and, then, will he or she be conferred with a Master’s degree.

Graduate School Team
Abandonment of doctoral degree for students eligible to graduate in combined master’s and doctoral program
Qualification for application
Student who completed combined master’s and doctoral program
  • Students eligible to graduate who can carry on master’s degree thesis after applying for renunciation of doctoral degree. Applicants should have more than a semester left in combined master's and doctoral program. (maximum period of attendance at school is 9 years starting from the date of entrance, excluding periods of leave of absence)
  • Students who are on a leave of absence, disenrollment, or permanent completion at the time of application are unable to apply
Application period
Specific academic period during January and July of each year
Application method
Apply in HY-in and submit the application form by visiting the Graduate School Administration Team.
Documents for submission
1 sheet of doctoral degree abandonment application form for combined master’s and doctoral degree (Signed/sealed by the applicant, academic advisor, head professor of the department)
  • Impossible to cancel once change is made to doctoral degree renouncer of combined master’s and doctoral program
  • If one acquires a master’s degree as doctoral degree renouncer of combined master’s and doctoral program, one’s academic status is completed as a master's degree holder of combined master’s and doctoral program

    ※Unable to acquire doctoral degree once converted to doctoral degree renouncer / Must be newly admitted to doctoral program if one wishes to acquire a doctoral degree afterwards

  • Those who renounce acquisition of doctoral degree in the combined master’s and doctoral program will be granted master’s degree once he or she passes the comprehensive test, language test, and thesis assessment.

    ※Those who passed the comprehensive exam and language exam before applying for the abandonment of doctoral degree will maintain that status after the abandonment

Place of submission
Graduate School Administration Team
Certificate issuance
  • Certificate for combined master’s and doctoral degree
  • Certificate of master’s degree (for degree recipients)