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Comprehensive Examination

Changes from 2022 Spring semester:

Details of the Comprehensive exam will be determined and operated by each department's bylaws.

Application period
During March and September
1)Click HY-in, 2)Login, 3)Application-Language/Comprehensive exam Click-Comprehensive exam, 4)Course Selection, 5)Click Save, 6)Check saved contents
※ The Graduate School webpage(http://www.grad.hanyang.ac.kr) / Refer School affairs guidance/ Comprehensive Examination
※ The application does not require extra documents but students should check subjects registered.
The Examination date
During April and October
Qualification for Application, The Examination Subjects, Date, Location
Inquiries to belonging department office      
Examination results
As in the application, log on to [Comprehensive exam result view] to check results.
Inquiries regarding pass/fail and re-test to belonging department office.