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Degree thesis procedure road map

01. Application for thesis research plan

Input date : Mar.-Mid May, Sep.-Mid Nov.

Input method : HY-in input and save

Master & doctoral course : From term 3

Master-Doctorate Integrated Course: From term 5

02. Application for Academic advisory professor placement adjustment

Input date : Early Mar., Early Sep.

Input method : HY-in input and save

03. Degree thesis registration(Foreign language thesis)

Submission date : Mar.-Mid Jun., Sep.-Mid Nov.

Application : Apply through HY-in and print the application

Submission : Department office

04. Degree thesis judgement

Judgement date : Mar-Mid Jun., Sep.-Mid Dec.

Review of applicants by department

05. Degree thesis judgement cancellation

Submission date : Mar-Late May., Sep.-Late Nov. (Refer to school academic calendar).

06. Degree thesis outcome report submission

Submission date: Around June 20th, December 20th (Refer to school academic calendar)

Submission place : Department office

07. Thesis submission
(Final digital and hard copy)

Submission date : Jun, Dec

Submission place : The Academic Information Center & Library(Seoul, ERICA)

08. Degree conferment

Degree conferment ceremony : During February and August

※ For Master’s degrees specifically, some departments implement the thesis replacement system (Freshmen entering in the 2019 spring semester are eligible to apply.).